The Big Hole and Kimberley’s Diamond Museum

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Communication Every road house and most small communities have a public telephone or two. They vary in what payment methods they accept: Your handheld mobile phone is unlikely to work anywhere away from the major towns, as it will be out of range of any tower. If you have a radio phone or a satellite phone, you’ll probably be okay. If you need to be contactable, be sure you set up a voicemail service before you leave, and check your messages at public telephones.

Internet access may be a challenge. Broome has internet cafes, and other towns probably have at least one, but when you get further north, they’ll be harder if not impossible to find.

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Walkers along the trail make clap sticks and boomerangs. Angela Wylie But back in Broome, the indigenous community is still healing from a bitter fallout. They don’t shake hands. The Goolarabooloo and the Jabirr Jabirr are the two groups with the strongest claim over the land, but the gas hub proponents attacked the Goolarabooloo because of the unusual way in which they came to learn its songlines. In the s, the late Goolarabooloo patriarch Paddy Roe left his own land further south, having formed a relationship with an already-taken woman.

The couple came to the area near James Price Point and met the remaining elders, who, because of the stolen generations, had no younger people to pass on their stories. So Roe became their appointed custodian of the songlines and law and passed these on to his family.

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Prince Regent River area of the Kimberley. Drawn by Joseph Bradshaw in April Backburning has since largely destroyed the original painting. While searching for suitable pastoral land in the then remote Roe River area in , pastoralist Joseph Bradshaw discovered an unusual type of rock art on a sandstone escarpment. In a subsequent address to the Victorian branch of the Royal Geographical Society , he commented on the fine detail, the colours, such as brown, yellow and pale blue, and he compared it aesthetically to that of Ancient Egypt.

Davidson noted that Bradshaw’s encounter with this art was brief and lacked any Aboriginal interpretations; furthermore, as Bradshaw’s sketches of the art were at this time the only visual evidence, Davidson argued that they could be inaccurate and possibly drawn from a Eurocentric bias.

She was an only child and had a strict, sheltered upbringing as her parents were old-fashioned church-goers. In October , Kimberley met Curly Watts , the new assistant manager at Bettabuy supermarket in Albert Road where Kimberley was a general assistant. On Curly’s first walk around the shop floor, manager Reg Holdsworth invited him to point out where Kimberley had made a mistake in her shelf-stacking technique.

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Away from the cutthroat world of retail management, Curly was nicer to Kimberley and they started to date. A slip of the tongue results in Curly and Kimberley getting engaged The following May , Kimberley was promoted to checkout at Curly’s recommendation. Curly was keen to take their relationship to the next level and an opportunity presented itself when the Duckworths went on a second honeymoon to Pwillheli.

Kimberley agreed to lose her virginity to Curly, but changed her mind at the eleventh hour, deciding to save herself for her wedding night, and slept in the next room instead.

Kimberley Aborigines’ fight for James Price point is now against WA’s Premier

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Description and Dating The Kimberley region, which occupies the most northern part of Western Australia, is home to an estimated , images of Aboriginal rock art , from the Paleolithic to the Modern era. This prehistoric art includes cave painting and ancient engravings on rock faces throughout the area, dating back to the earliest time of human habitation. However, as in the case of Burrup Peninsula rock art to the west and Ubirr rock art to the east, most of Kimberley’s ancient art remains uncatalogued and undated, and the little scientific dating that has occurred has failed to pinpoint any artwork that predates the Last Glacial Maximum, around 18, BCE.

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Australian rock art may be among the oldest in the world, according to new research

The incredible story first started in Erasmus Jacobs discovered a white pebble at the Orange River near Hopetown. The pebble was no ordinary stone. It was, in fact, a rough diamond that measured in at an impressive After the diamond was sent to London, another two were discovered in the region, prompting the arrival of thousands of miners from all over the world. In , a larger diamond was found at Colesberg Kopje at

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Larger text size Very large text size A group of scientists, researchers and traditional owners is on the cusp of reshaping Australian history, with experts hoping that Aboriginal rock art in Western Australia may prove to be up to 50, years old, putting it among the oldest cultural expressions in the world. Initial results of pioneering Australian research have the potential to drastically alter the perceived flow of global artistic development after University of Melbourne scientists achieved a world first in dating methods on cave and rock paintings in the remote Kimberley region, which has one of the largest surviving bodies of rock art on the planet.

Researchers Nick Sundblom, Helen Green and Jordy Grinpukel remove tiny mineral accretions from a rock art panel motif in the Kimberley. Courtesy of Kimberley Foundation Australia. Sven Ouzman Co-funded by the Australian Research Council and the Kimberley Foundation Australia, which initiates research centred on some of area’s tens of thousands of rock art sites, the rock art dating project has worked in step with traditional owners, on whose land the extensive galleries of ochre, deep brown, rusted orange and white-hued pictures of human figures, marsupials, shells and fish are found.

It is a city that pays homage to its past through numerous tours, memorials and statues and visiting Kimberley is like taking a snapshot tour of significant and authentic parts of our country’s rich history. In the highstakes world of the diamond rush, as many as 30 diggers would scour the soil for their fortunes, with some striking it rich and others finding only misery. Many of those who got lucky made enormous sums of money from the diamond trade and by the turn of the century, Kimberley had become the undisputed diamond capital of the world.

Yet this was a town founded on greed and it resembled, in many ways, something out of the Wild West, with gambling, prostitution, mobsters and disease rife. Despite this, the city retained it’s architectural elegance and Kimberley’s oldest residential suburb, Belgravia, dates back to the s, bearing testament to the success stories of the time, with many of these massive homes built during the peak of diamond trade. It’s said that there was once more millionaires in this area than anywhere else in the world.

The Big Hole located right in the middle of town is a huge crater dug almost entirely with picks and shovels in an effort to reach the stones. The pit measures over a kilometre deep, with a surface area of 17 hectares, and here men, with little more than man-made tools, managed to remove three tons of diamonds and Today it has been converted into an open air museum with a rather daring lookout point directly over the hole. A guided underground tour some metres beneath the earth’s surface of the De Beers diamond mine is fascinating, there is certainly plenty more to Kimberley than rem- nants of the diamond rush and workings of an old diamond mine.


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