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Gurmeet Ram Rahim verdict LIVE: Dera chief sentenced to 20 years in jail for rape

His name was officially registered as Henry Morgan Forster, but at his baptism he was accidentally named Edward Morgan Forster. His father died of tuberculosis on 30 October , before Morgan’s second birthday. This house served as a model for Howards End, as he had fond memories of his childhood there.

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Typical Maratha helmet with curved back. Maratha Empire The term “Maratha” originally referred to the speakers of the Marathi language. In the 17th century, it emerged as a designation for soldiers serving in the armies of Deccan sultanates and later Shivaji. It was further expanded into a vast empire by Maratha Confederacy including Peshwas , stretching from central India [8] in the south, to Peshawar [9] in modern-day Pakistan on the Afghanistan border in the north, and with expeditions to Bengal in the east.

By the 19th century, the empire had become a confederacy of individual states controlled by Maratha chiefs such as Gaekwads of Baroda , the Holkars of Indore , the Scindias of Gwalior , the Puars of Dhar and Dewas , and Bhonsles of Nagpur.

go TOP LIST OF TELUGU MUDIRAJ SURNAMES – ANDHRA PRADESH: The following are some of the surnames of Telugu Mudiraj people with (gotram) within brackets- These names are collected through internet search and personal inquiry made by Mr. Kokolu Anka Rao, the webmaster of this website.

All its tourist places are worth exploring. Tourism in Dewas District is full of natural beauty, religious and historical places. Moreover, the region’s colorful culture also attracts the tourists from far and wide. The tourist can also get a glimpse of the rich history of the region by exploring the archaeological sites. Tourism in Dewas District offers an enriching experience to the travellers with its ample sightseeing opportunities.

Some of the popular tourist places of Dewas District are as follows. These hills are made of stone pillars which are of various shapes.

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IPO opens: Should you subscribe?

Sankalia theorized that the chalcolithic settlements at Ujjain were probably destroyed by the Iron Age settlers. This city covered an irregular pentagonal area of 0. It was surrounded by a 12 m high mud rampart. The archaeological investigations have also indicated the presence of a 45 m wide and 6.

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Sankalia theorized that the chalcolithic settlements at Ujjain were probably destroyed by the Iron Age settlers. This city covered an irregular pentagonal area of 0. It was surrounded by a 12 m high mud rampart. The archaeological investigations have also indicated the presence of a 45 m wide and 6. It also emerged as an important center for intellectual learning among Jain, early Buddhist and Hindu traditions.

He describes the ruler of Avanti as a king who was generous to the poor and presented them with gifts. The writings of Bhasa are set in Ujjain, and he probably lived in the city. Somadeva’s Kathasaritsagara 11th century mentions that the city was created by Vishwakarma , and describes it as invincible, prosperous and full of wonderful sights. After the fall of Mauryans the city Ujjain became a lost kingdom.

The city continued to be an important city of central India. But his successors moved to Gwalior , where they ruled the Gwalior State in the latter half of the 18th century. The struggle of supremacy between the Holkars of Indore and Scindias who ruled Ujjain led to rivalry between the merchants of the two cities. On 1 September, Yashwantrao Holkar entered the city, and demanded a sum of 15 lakh rupees from the city.

A force sent by Daulat Scindhia later regained control of Ujjain.


Dewas Plateau region extends over the north-western part of Sonkatch tehsil and the western part of Dewas tehsil. The hill range which runs north-south from Shajapur tehsil of Dewas District extends north-south on the eastern part of this region in the broken form. This region is part of Malwa plateau with higher elevation of the north-east plateau land in the north-west and plain land topography on its south. Lakundar, Chhoti Kali-Sindh and Shipra rivers drain this region.

Shipra River flowing in south-north direction forms the western boundary of this region. Dewas town is situated on the plateau of this region.

Forster was born into an Anglo-Irish and Welsh family at 6 Melcombe Place, Dorset Square, London NW1, in a building that no longer was the only child of Alice Clara “Lily” (née Whichelo) and Edward Morgan Llewellyn Forster, an architect.

He was the grandson of the legendary visionary monarch, Sir Sayajirao Gaekwad III, who was an epitome of modernization and good governance in all fields of life. The princely state of Baroda enjoyed special status within the British Empire and was way ahead of all other native rulers in eschewing and endorsing very high living standards for all its subjects. All rulers encouraged a healthy communion of all gentry of the kingdom from all walks of life. Hence each Taluka HQ in Baroda State was bestowed with a Gymkhana club hosting all facilities of western sports and offering a respectable platform to its subjects to interact with different classes of the society and engage in healthy and fruitful pursuits.

Hence, no new club was allowed to come up in the kingdom. Thus Polo Club was born and even today after 75 years, the club day is celebrated with great fan fare by the members on 9th January of every year. Sir Sayaji Rao passed away on 6th Feb and his grandson Yuvraj Pratapsinh was coronated as his successor on 26th April, The very previous day i. Click here to read the actual speech. Then came the second world war in Sept and there was an acute shortage of construction raw materials. The Polo Ground has become a landmark for the citizens of Baroda and even during the Royal Order, the ground of the club was used for playing other games like Horse races, Cricket, Indian games and for military drills with equestrian events.

Today, the Polo Club of Baroda is one of the elite clubs of India, dating back to the imperial times of the Raj and has many nostalgic memories under its fold.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim verdict LIVE: Dera chief sentenced to 20 years in jail for rape

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Gurmeet Ram Rahim verdict LIVE: Dera chief sentenced to 20 years in jail for rape

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There are also surnames that indicate royal lineage of mudiraj people. The village accountant variously known as patwari, talatti, karnam, adhikari, etc. The position is known as the karnam or adhikari in Tamil Nadu, while it is commonly known as the talati in Gujarat and Maharashtra. The position was known as the kulkarni in Maharashtra, but the office of the kulkarni was abolished in and replaced with that of the talati.

Patwari is term used in Pakistan and India for a land record officer at sub-division or Tehsil level. As the lowest state functionary in the Revenue Collection system, his job encompasses visiting agricultural lands and maintaining record of ownership and tilling girdawari. Due to their primary base in rural areas, where literacy and wealth is low, they yield a larger-than-life influence in the local community and are notorious for demanding bribe and changing land records at will.

With recent computerization of land records, their ability to manipulate records has been limited. Patwari reports toTehsildar or a chief clerk of Tehsils land records. The Patwar system was first introduced during the short but eventful rule of Sher Shah Suri and the system was further enhanced by Emperor Akbar.

Crime Patrol Dial 100 – क्राइम पेट्रोल – Kandivali Murder Case – Ep 517 – 22nd June, 2017

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