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We have finalised the Deck Hook design, formed partnerships and have a solid production plan in place. To ramp up production we need your help to meet our minimum order quantities to produce on a mass scale. We can then increase production and bring the costs down. Thank you for all your support. How theft-proof is my board when I am using the Deck Hook? If you don’t lift the board out of the Deck Hook from the correct angle the Deck Hook does stay attached. We decided against any form of locking device in the realisation that if someone really wants to steal your board, its no more secure than if you were carrying or riding it.

72″ EZ Deck Semi-Trailer Step Ladder for 54″ to 66″ Deck Heights

Use CDX or better grade plywood. Particle board is not acceptable for any skate structure, period. Then measure from the hole you just drilled, the length of the transition radius. In this case, 6′

About Us. Skate Warehouse began with a small warehouse and retail store in in San Luis Obispo, California. Since then, we’ve gone from a small time online and local retailer to a leader in the industry.

Email In the late 90s, at the height of a skateboard boom and economic prosperity, World Industries was the biggest skateboard company in the world. Not only were they the first skateboard company ever listed on the stock market, but to this day, it remains one of the biggest sales in skateboarding history. Wanting to understand how a skateboard company with such a controversial and unconventional background could sell for such an astronomical amount of money, I tracked down the financial head honcho at the time, Scott Drouillard to get some insight.

As the CFO of World Industries in the 90s, he gave us an inside look of arguably the most influential and notorious skateboard company of all time. How much money was World Industries making during the years you worked there? We were showing a decent amount of profit too and finding lots of ways to reduce cost and overhead while still putting out better quality product. How did you start working for World Industries and what was their financial situation like? I came on board in January of as CFO and had a contract, saying I wanted to get some ownership, and they were open to that.

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If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. Element and Hook-Ups 96mm First of all, thank you for visiting my auction. Rest assured that you are dealing with one guy not just another “customer service representative” at some big shipper and that I personally photograph, clean, and prepare all my items before they are shipped to you so they arrive better than you expected.

All of my items are guaranteed to be authentic and as stated or your full money back! I do not deal with, or support the sale of counterfeit items. My eBay reputation is very important please take a look at my flawless feedback. Remember, you are buying from a trusted power seller so please bid with full confidence. Thank you, good luck, and happy bidding!!! Up for bidding is a set of two 6-pack rare Hook-Ups and Element fingerboards.

The last photo on the auction page shows the private collection these were taken from, the remainder of the collection is not included in this auction, but they are for sale as well so please see my other items. This lot of 96MM fingerboars is mint, and un-used, still in the cardboard packaging.

Electric Skateboard V2.0: Smartphone Controlled

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The only way to really find out what you like is by trying new shapes, sizes, and No Sales Tax · Fast Shipping Guarantee · Shop Skate Shoes & Gear · Low Price GuaranteeBrands: CCS, Habitat X, Blind, Otherness.

October 5, This is Part 3 of 3. Click for Part 1 and Part 2. However, what he ended up with was way more than a personal best… Pete became the first person in history to go over 91mph on a skateboard, and is now the fastest downhill skateboarder on the planet! A post shared by Guinness World Records guinnessworldrecords on Feb 15, at 4: After skating this hill in I knew two things for sure — I was coming back and I could go faster.

The view from the speed trap… The road sign on the right might give you an idea of the gradient…! The line here is not as simple as you would think; there is a mellow chicane before the speed trap, with cracks and bumps that can unsettle you at speed. How you navigate the various cracks, is ultimately how you pass through the speed trap. You need to keep your tuck neutral enough to remain in full balance at all times, and be able to make corrections without changing your body position.

The hill is not as easy to skate as it looks. One of the large cracks in the road… avoid!!! Day 1 passed in a blur of speed and I tried to dial in a good line for the speed trap, avoiding a crack that runs from the kerb across three quarters of the road.

Making A Shifter Knob From Old Skateboards

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Product Features 7-ply Canadian Hard Rock Maple pro skateboard deck from Hook-Ups.

Forestone 8-inch Natural Blank 2. Moose Old School Deck 3. Moose Blank Deck 5. Your first boards will get thrashed beyond recognition quicker at this stage than any time later in your skate career. To save yourself, or your parents, some hard-earned money, consider riding blank decks until you improve. These boards are essentially the same as the best skateboard decks in the industry, but can cost a fraction of what pro boards go for.

Naturally Affordable The blank deck has long been a staple in skateboarding. Once upon a time, every skate shop sold its own variety of blank decks. Because they cost half as much as pro models, these boards were sold well. They gave skaters with less money in their pockets the chance to ride better wood, retiring the boards they often rode to splinters.

One of the main reasons blank decks cost less is because the company selling them saves the money usually spent on expensive graphics and transfers the savings on to you, the rider. The pro makes money off each transaction, and board sales checks are a major source of income for the best skaters out there. There is nothing wrong with this system, but it does price some beginning riders right out of skateboarding.

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View gallery – 30 images Though looking street-worn, beaten and abused can actually be a rather favorable look for a skateboard deck, there comes a time when stylish scuff gives way to unsightly eyesore and it’s time to break in a new board. Rather than simply throw away all that quality wood, offbeat Argentinian luthier Ezequiel Galasso and pro skateboarder Gianfranco de Gennaro Gilmour have teamed up to repurpose old boards into “born to shred” guitars. Unfortunately, there’s not a great deal of information available about Skate Guitars.

We do know that each guitar is actually made from the remains of at least two end-of-life skateboards, with both the body and neck made from layered maple. Since these git-fiddles already have more than their fair share of scrapes, dings and scratches, you can really go wild without fear of inflicting too much damage to the finish — something that the creators seem to encourage.

Hook Ups Skateboards Hook Ups Soft Serve Girl Deck Green Stain x32 About Hook-Ups Skateboards. Hook-Ups was founded by professional skateboarder Jeremy Klein in Originally a t-shirt brand, they eventually expanded into skateboard gear and accessories.

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The core spreads the heat through the wheel and stops the bearings which get super hot at speed melting the Urethane. Exposed cores work better for heat dispensation than internal cores. Keep your bearings clean and lubed… The core also helps to maintain the circular integrity of the wheel, which helps to prevent egging and flatspots. Cored wheels are also faster on smooth surfaces, as there is less urethane to compress and rob you of your speed — but this means that large-cored soft wheels can be quite slow over rougher surfaces.

The position of the core in the wheel also makes a big difference to how the wheel grips, slides and wears.

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I just stick with my local pharmacy, they have random ass sales all the time, it’s sick. Because at the one by me they don’t know what the fuck a riser is. Go to a skateshop. John Kills People , When I go to the shop I’ll pay an extra 5 bucks cause I know it helps put on skate jams and rail jams and my shop actually does shit for the skate scene. They sponsor skaters and snowboarders and promote their footy and try to carry them as far as they can go, and then a big corporate giant comes in and steals all the business, fills the skate scene with kids who just skate to be cool, and eventually will choke out the shop and kill a portion of the scene.

You gotta start thinking on the other side of the spectrum too man. Of course if I am a small business owner I am going to promote big business is evil, it gets ride of the competition. I buy from my skateshop because there prices are lower than zumiez, and yes that is on name brand new products. If zumiez was cheaper I would get stuff there.

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