12 week pregnancy dating scan: here’s what to expect

What to Expect During an Ultrasound Many people who hear the term ” ultrasound ” likely picture a pregnant woman in her doctor’s office getting a sneak peek of the baby growing inside her womb — perhaps even finding out whether she should paint the nursery pink or blue. But while fetal imaging is one of the most common uses of ultrasounds, this diagnostic tool actually has many applications. How Ultrasound Imaging Works Ultrasound, also called sonography, uses sound waves to develop ultrasound images of what’s going on inside the body. An instrument called a transducer emits high-frequency sound, inaudible to human ears, and then records the echoes as the sound waves bounce back to determine the size, shape, and consistency of soft tissues and organs. This information is relayed in real time to produce images on a computer screen. Ultrasound technicians, or sonographers, have special training in how to perform the test. Then a radiologist or your doctor will interpret the ultrasound images. This technology can help diagnose and treat certain conditions. Uses of Ultrasound Tests Ultrasound imaging has many uses in medicine, from confirming and dating a pregnancy to diagnosing certain conditions and guiding doctors through precise medical procedures.

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Data from the multi-center clinical investigation showed promising results for detecting patients with polyps in an un-prepped colon. More The objective of the study is to assess safety and clinical performance of the C-Scan system Version 3 in detecting patients with polyps. Confirmatory colonoscopy and C-Scan system results analysis were performed by independent expert investigators who were blinded to corresponding test’s results.

Jan 10,  · A gastric emptying scan, or gastric emptying study or test, is an exam that uses nuclear medicine to determine how quickly food leaves the stomach.

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These codes help support accurate recording and reporting of dental treatment and are part of a uniform system designed and maintained by the American Dental Association ADA. CDT codes have a consistent format and each is unique. Every code number has a written description of the specific dental service or procedure.

Available to women from 16 years of age. Private ultrasound dating scan (sometimes called 12 week scan or booking scan).We recommend that you present your dating scan results to your usual healthcare professional whose contact details we take at the time of booking.

Back to Health A-Z Ultrasound scan An ultrasound scan, sometimes called a sonogram, is a procedure that uses high-frequency sound waves to create an image of part of the inside of the body. You can’t hear these sound waves, but when they bounce off different parts of the body, they create “echoes” that are picked up by the probe and turned into a moving image. This image is displayed on a monitor while the scan is carried out.

Preparing for an ultrasound scan Before having some types of ultrasound scan, you may be asked to follow certain instructions to help improve the quality of the images produced. For example, you may be advised to: In some cases, you may also be given an injection of a harmless substance called a contrast agent before the scan, as this can make the images clearer. What happens during an ultrasound scan Most ultrasound scans last between 15 and 45 minutes.

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Sometimes a transvaginal ultrasound (internal scan through the vagina) is also needed, especially in the first trimester. We may need a closer look at your baby, .

A second trimester morphology ultrasound is performed in the middle part of the pregnancy, usually between 18 and 20 weeks gestation. All pregnant women have this ultrasound as a routine part of their antenatal pregnancy care. This ultrasound will check that your baby is growing and developing normally. A second trimester ultrasound is performed with a transabdominal ultrasound. Transabdominal ultrasound involves scanning through your lower abdomen.

A small amount of ultrasound gel is put on the skin of the lower abdomen, with the ultrasound probe then scanning through this gel. The gel helps improve contact between the probe and your skin.

Time for your 12-week scan? Here’s what to expect…

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Dating and Viability scans Performed at weeks A dating scan will establish the gestational age of the pregnancy (being able to provide the due date) Preparation. This is the most important of all pregnancy ultrasounds and looks for any evidence of abnormality.

Ultrasound scans are an effective way of assessing soft tissue structures of the body and visualising the flow of blood through the circulatory system. Not all causes of pain are identifiable on the ultrasound and further investigations may be requested. What preparation is required? Preparation is important for a number of ultrasound examinations. Preparations may include fasting and filling of the bladder prior to the ultrasound.

Your preparation instructions will be explained to you when you make your booking.

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Obstetric Pregnancy Obstetric Pregnancy For all Obstetrics scans, no special preparation is needed, although it is best to wear loose clothing that can easily be lifted or removed in order to expose your abdomen. You will lie on your back on an examination couch and the transducer moved back and forth across your stomach in order to gain the best possible image of the fetus. Ultrasound imaging in pregnancy is widely used to evaluate the baby. It can determine if a baby is present, the position of the fetus and if there is a multiple pregnancy.

It can also help to diagnose abnormalities or problems, help determine the age of the pregnancy and subsequent due date as well as showing the position of the placenta in relation to the birth canal. There is also then a routine scan at 20 weeks.

Dec 06,  · Prep for Dating ultrasound: Hello J mammas! I’m looking to all you ladies who have had your dating ultrasound. I have mine tomorrow and am wondering if there is anything I need to do to prepare? Can I eat drink etc? The darn lady who called me with my appointment was so rushed and didn’t even allow time for me to ask questions.

Your Sonographer will collect you from the reception area and escort you to the ultrasound room. Depending on your scan you may be required to change into a gown. The Sonographer will use a transducer to obtain different views and record a series of images. This process is generally pain-free, however some pressure may need to be applied to improve the image.

Your Sonographer may request that you also assist in certain scans, for example — holding your breath, or by turning or standing. Your scan time will vary depending on the complexity of the requested examination. Most simple ultrasound scans take approximately minutes, however more time is required for complex studies such as certain obstetric or vascular imaging. When the scan is complete, it may be necessary for you to wait while our Radiologist reviews the obtained images.

Occasionally further imaging may be required.

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